Holy Redeemer's Parish Council is comprised of 10-11 members of Holy Redeemer, including the Pastor and the Deacon.

They support various activities of the parish including, but not limited to:

  1. aid the Pastor in discerning the future direction for the parish and to fulfill the mission which Christ gave his church
  2. help set the priorities of the parish, which includes approving the annual parish budget
  3. to act, as a group, as an advisor to the Pastor in parish and community matters
  4. to provide effective communication between the council and general parish membership
  5. to provide for communication, coordination and cooperation among the many ministries in the parish
  6. for the full list of duties, click on the link for the Constitution of the Pastoral Council

Elected members serve a three year term, beginning in July and expiring in May. Elected officers within the council include Chairman and Vice-Chairman. There are 2 appointed members chosen by the Pastor as well as a youth representative. 

Parish Council holds regular meetings each month from September to May in the parish conference room for 1-2 hours.

If you have a cause to bring before the council, call the parish office at 419-629-2543 or contact the Chairman of the Council.


Father Thomas Dorn   Pastor

Greg Bornhorst   Deacon                                                                          Council Meeting Minutes:

Brenda Kuck   Education                                                                                December 2017 (cancelled)

Michele Dicke    Education                                                                             November 2017

Leah Wente   Appointed member                                                                   October 2017

Robin Brandt   Finance                                                                                  September 2017

Janet Eshelman    Worship & Spirituality                                                       June/July/August 2017 (summer)

Jay McCollum   Worship & Spirituality                                                           May 2017

Rodney Bertke    Property                                                                             April 2017

John Palmer    Appointed Member                                                                March 2017

Katie Spragg    Evangelization & Service                                                      February 2017

Becky Homan    Evangelization & Service                                                    January 2017