The Parish Hall accepts reservations only from members of Holy Redeemer Parish.

Fee Schedule

1/4 hall (seats up to 50 people).....................$75

*does not include use of the back half of the hall due to insurance regulations.

1/2 hall (seats up to 75 people)......................$75

*does not include use of the back half of the hall due to insurance regulations.

Whole hall (seats up to 200 people).............$120

Set-up on previous day..................................$20

Each hour over 8 hour usage........................$10


How to Reserve the Hall

  1. Contact the Parish office
  2. Give the name of the person/group wishing to reserve the hall and the purpose of use.
  3. Give the date, hours desired and space desired (1/4 hall, 1/2 hall, or whole hall).
    Rentals are given for 8 hours which includes set-up time. An additional fee is expected for longer use. All parties must be ended and the premises vacated by 12 midnight.
  4. Rental is only available for Holy Redeemer parishioners or incorporated organizations or agencies.
  5. Fill out the Parish Hall Rental Form for use available from the Parish Secretary.
    1. Make a $20.00 reservation deposit. The date will not be reserved until the form and deposit are received.
      Any damage or unsatisfactory clean-up will be deducted from the deposit. What remains will be reimbursed when the rental is paid in full.
    2. Deposit is not refundable if reservation is cancelled.
  6. You will be notified sometime the week before the rental date to arrange pick up of the key for the parish hall. Key should be returned by the following Monday.
  7. Final payment must be made prior to rental date or by the Monday after the rental.
  8. Hall is limited to 200 people maximum; 160 if an orchestra is present.
  9. Any marriage that is celebrated in our hall through a shower or reception needs to be a marriage sanctioned by the Catholic Church.


  1. Any/all decorations are to be cleared with the parish front office and must be taken down before leaving. No Nails are to be used.


  1. The hall is to be left in as good a condition as at the time of rental. You have the option of cleaning the hall immediately after use or a fee will be charged to pay the custodian (please check at the office for details).
  2. At the end of the event, the instructions for clean-up posted in the kitchen are to be followed. Black plastic bags, furnished for you, should be used for all food disposal. The black plastic bags should be tied and placed in the receptacle outside by the kitchen storeroom door. Towels, furnished for you, should be hung up on the racks behind the door to the kitchen.
  3. All food should be taken home after the event.


  1. Any malfunctions or breakage is to be reported to the parish office as soon as possible.


  1. To be made no more than a year in advance
  2. The person making the reservation must acknowledge all regulations with his/her signature.
  3. The person whose signature appears on the reservation form is responsible for the group observing the policies of the hall and respecting the facilities. This person is also responsible for the group to not enter any of the classrooms in the parish hall.

Hall preparation

  1. Use of the hall in preparation is permitted only on the same day that the hall is reserved, not the prior evening or day. No food, beverages or decorations are to be placed in the parish hall prior to hall rental time. To use the hall the evening or day before, an additional fee is expected. Preparation time the day before is limited to 4 hours.


  1. The party using the hall on a Saturday is responsible for seeing that all guests park on the south parking lot in front of the Parish Hall. After 4:00 p.m., the parking area in the front of the church is reserved for senior citizens attending worship and the north parking lot is reserved for others coming for the 5:00 p.m. Eucharist. This parking regulation holds whenever there is a church function that coincides with the hall use.

Download the Parish Hall Rental Form, and return it to the Parish office with payment for your reservation. If you have any questions, contact the parish office at 419-629-2543.