CAMPAIGN STATUS as of 12/31/19 (see bottom of page)

Since 2017, the Holy Redeemer Renovation Committee has worked to identify required maintenance items, as well as develop potential projects for improvements to our church facilities.  Meeting regularly, the Committee worked with local contractors to better understand the costs and scope of various renovations, aimed at achieving the following goals:

  • To Improve – provide greater access to the church, by expanding parking and accessibility.
  • To Reinvest – support the Church for years to come with both functional and aesthetic enhancements.
  • To Beautify – increase pride and excitement in our celebration of the sacraments in the House of God.
  • To Conserve – reduce overall energy consumption as well as operational costs of the Church.

Together, these goals have become the cornerstone of a true, local, Capital Campaign.  This effort is centered on the idea that the time, talent, and treasure of our parish are best utilized within our parish.  And that’s why we want your input and involvement to make this campaign a success.

More information, as well as opportunities to get involved, will be presented around the Masses on April 6th and April 7th, and in the weeks following the Easter season.

For those interested in donating their time or skills to this effort, please email Brad at



YouTube Link to FAQ video

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Campaign FAQ

Poster hanging in church entrance April 1                                                                         

Holy Redeemer Appeal Intro Letter – mailed April 2

Presentation given on Saturday, April 6: Video Presentation   /  Slideshow

Poster hanging in church entrance before detail presentations (April/May)

Presentations given on Sunday, May 5 and Wednesday, May 8:                                                                          

Brochure Sent with pledge cards