Spiritual growth is a journey.

Each of us is called into a deeper relationship with our Lord. The journey is different for everyone. Each individual will find his or her own way guided by the Holy Spirit. On a visit to Mexico, St. John Paul II delivered a formal message to the peoples of the Americas. In his address he invited all people to deepen their relationship with the Lord by following a path of conversion, communion, and solidarity. You are sincerely invited to make use of the following resources as you follow your own path to a deeper relationship with the Lord. Share them with your family and your friends. You are also invited to come and worship with us, as we help each other on the journey to encounter the living God.

Path to Conversion

When we think of conversion we often think about it in the context of a bolt of lightning striking us. Many of us are familiar with the story of St. Paul being knocked off his horse when Jesus called him. We can begin to think of conversion as a onetime momentous change in our lives.

Path to Communion

We are the Body of Christ. Jesus’ will for us is that we become united with God the Father in Him. We find this communion with Jesus in the Eucharist. In the Eucharist we encounter our God and Savior in a most profound way. We are united with Him, and through Him, with each other.

Path to Solidarity

God commanded that we love one another. Every person is created by our God in His own image and likeness. Every person has his or her dignity in God Himself. Love must be the hallmark of our Catholic Christian community.