Judy & Eric Rauh

Judy was originally from Minster and joined the Holy Redeemer Parish with her husband in 1982, they divorced in 2003. She is a mother of two children, Eric, who works with her at church, and Paul. Judy started working at Holy Redeemer as Custodian in June 2001. Her son Eric is a leap year baby so he has a real birthday every four years, so now he’s really only eight years old, he always celebrates the last day of February.

Eric graduated from New Bremen in 2002 and then went on to The Ohio State University, graduated from college in 2006 and moved back to New Bremen in 2008. Eric got a job as a Custodian at New Bremen Elementary School in 2008, then on December of 2012 started working at Holy Redeemer as Custodian with his mother. Eric also works at Diversified Pond Supplies in Wapakoneta.